Local Opportunities

Individual Work


In the private-session work done with a Diamond Approach teacher, the student explores their direct experience in an embodied way as the teacher guides and facilitates the inquiry process. Sessions include dialogue as well as breath work and body exploration on a mat. This process of inquiry always takes us toward true nature, no matter the starting point. Students typically do sessions 1-2 times a month. 


Due to COVID-19 concerns, public events for the region will be held online for the interim.

ONLINE Public Event



An Introduction to the Diamond Approach 

The compassionate heart is not only an open heart. It is a heart that is kind, warm, and sensitive to the truth, sensitive to who we are. It is a loving response to suffering and pain. Compassion opens direct contact with the richness of our being in a tender and powerful way. These turbulent times call for compassion – compassion for ourselves and compassion for others.

May 15, 2020    7 - 9 pm PST


May 16, 2020    10 am - 5 pm PST

Cost: USD$50-$70 sliding scale (We are open to meeting requests for a further reduced fee from anyone who would like to attend the teaching and would not otherwise be able to.)

Led by Anne Hoff and Naya Kee, teachers of the Diamond Approach 

To register: Please use the button below. It will take you to another website where you can contact Naya Kee to register if you live in Canada, or Anne Hoff to register if you live elsewhere.